Shooting Stars (2024)

Shooting Stars (2024)

Other name: 群星闪耀时 / 群星閃耀時 / Qun Xing Shan Yao Shi / When the Stars Shine / The Decisive Moment / Время мерцающих звёзд

Synopsis: “Xia Ji Cheng, a son of a wealthy and influential political family, aspires to become a naval captain during the Anti-Japanese War period. However, a trip to Shanghai alters his fate and he is forced to become a low-ranked police officer. Spanning 34 episodes with a duration of 45 minutes each, this drama follows Xia Ji Cheng’s journey as he navigates through the challenges of his new life.”



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  1. Li Xian as Xiang Yuan Sheng / Hua Zhen ML

    Ren Min as Luo Min Min FL

    Zhou You as Chen Hao 2ML

    CiCi Wang as Shi Jun Yu 2FL

    Wang Mao Lei as Wei Dai Qing support ml

    Amber Song as Luo Qin Qin [Min Min’s younger sister]

    Jiang Yi as Feng Guang support ml

    Li Zhi Mo as Li Qiu Shi support fl

  2. shooting stars (when group of stars shine) war drama starts in nanjing, jiangsu province around the year 1937, early months. Aug 1937 to Nov 1937 was the battle of shanghai that started the 2nd war between japan and china. Nanjing massacre took place during world war 2 December 1937 to 1938, after the defeated nationalist army abandoned nanjing. About 200,000 were killed by japanese supremacists in the nanjing massacre which was sort of similar to the gaza massacre 2023 to 2024 by jewish supremacists backed by the almighty american nazi empire. 2 years ago, the main guy joined the navy school in jiangyin, jiangsu province rather than study to be a govt official like his father. I remember the main actor from tientsin mystic which was a pretty good drama. In ep 1, main guy is attending father’s public birthday party.