Shogun (2024)

Shogun (2024)

Other name: SHOGUN 将軍 / Shougun

Synopsis: “Shogun” is a historical drama set in 17th century feudal Japan, during the tumultuous Battle of Sekigahara. Lord Yoshii Toranaga, a powerful military leader, faces impending danger from enemy forces. In the midst of this, a British navigator named James Blackthorne washes ashore with valuable information that could aid Toranaga. Mariko, a mysterious noblewoman who can speak English, is tasked with translating for Blackthorne, also known as Anjin. As they work together, a bond forms between them. However, their relationship is complicated by the ongoing war and the power struggle between two influential daimyōs. Adapted from the novel by James Clavell, “Shogun” consists of 10 episodes and airs on Tuesdays.



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