Shinhannin (Japanese Drama) (2018)

Shinhannin (Japanese Drama) (2018)

Other name: 真犯人 / The Real Culprit

Synopsis: In 2008, the murder of used car dealer Sudo Isao takes place in Shizuoka Prefecture. Detective Kusaka Satoru of the Shizuoka Prefectural Police’s Susuno Precinct delves into Sudo’s background and discovers that his son, Obata Mamoru, died in a kidnapping incident in Shizuoka in 1974. As the statute of limitations on the case approached in 1988, a special investigation unit was formed under the guidance of Police Chief Hashibami Yasuhide. Led by non-career officer Shigeto Seiichiro, the team of six detectives works to re-investigate the case. Kusaka is puzzled by the murder of Sudo, who had been living in Tokyo for over 20 years after his son’s death. He believes that uncovering the truth behind Mamoru’s kidnapping and murder will lead to the killer. Kusaka reaches out to Shigeto, who has



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