Shanai Shokeinin: Kanojo wa Teki wo Keshite Iku (2024)

Shanai Shokeinin: Kanojo wa Teki wo Keshite Iku (2024)

Other name: 社内処刑人 ~彼女は敵を消していく~ / ゃないしょけいにんかのじょはてきをけしていくぶんさつばん / In-House Executioner

Synopsis: “Honoka Asami, a reserved and unremarkable temporary office worker, finds herself stuck in a company plagued by widespread harassment. Despite enduring this hostile environment, Honoka’s outlook changes when she meets Fukase Nozomi, a striking new employee who quickly gains the attention of their senior colleagues. As the two become close, Honoka begins to find joy in her daily routine. However, the company is rocked by a scandal when a senior employee who had been harassing Honoka is forced to resign. Little did they know, this was just the beginning. Adapted from the manga “Shanai Shokeinin: Kanojo wa Teki wo Keshite Iku” by Tanaka Tomo and Tsukasaki Yu, the drama consists of 10 episodes and airs on Fridays.”



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