Secrets of the Shadow Sect (2024)

Secrets of the Shadow Sect (2024)

Other name: 皎月流火 / Jiao Yue Liu Huo

Synopsis: The drama, airing on Youku, follows the story of the Spiritual Heaven Sect, an influential and reclusive sect with ambiguous morals. Ten years ago, the sect’s Young Lady, Ling Xuan, encountered two dying siblings during her travels. In exchange for saving the younger sister’s life, she made a pact with the young man, bringing him into the Shadow Pavilion of the sect for training. If he could survive and graduate in ten years, he would become her assistant, known as Ying Shi.
However, the Spiritual Heaven Sect is now facing vulnerability as Ling Xuan’s father, the sect leader, desires the Wanxin Technique and turns against his own daughter to obtain it from her mother. In order to protect herself and seek revenge, Ling Xuan must disguise herself as a foolish and ruthless person. During this time, Ying Shi is sent by the Shadow Pavilion to approach Ling Xuan and find the Wanxin Technique. As they journey together, they develop trust for each other,



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  1. 24 episodes 10 minutes each.


    Hu Yiyao as Lingxuan

    Lin Zehui as Shadow Ten

    Wu Tian Hao as Ling Rong.

    Yuan Ziming as James Lechi