Secret Keepers (2022)

Secret Keepers (2022)

Other name: 绝密者 / Jue Mi Zhe / Top Secret / Masked

Synopsis: In 1939, as the Pacific War looms, the “Lonely Eagle” Jin Mindong buried in the Harbin Investigation Office of the Kwantung Army Intelligence Agency is opened. The explosion of the special army leads to ghosts escaping from the Harbin Institute. The Director of the 6th Division of the Kwantung Army sends his foster son, Gu Ying, on an emergency airborne mission to investigate the military bombings and uncover the truth behind the “Xianyan Plan.” As Gu Ying delves deeper into the investigation, he discovers a surprising connection to Jin Mindong. However, his guilt and suspicions hinder their progress. Jin’s former lover Su Jiaman reappears, adding a layer of complication to their already tangled web of loyalties and alliances. Together, they must resist the enemy and fight against a Japanese conspiracy. With the help of many allies, Jin uncovers the truth of the “Xi Yan Plan” and works to stop it from succeeding.



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