Secret Domei (2024)

Secret Domei (2024)

Other name: シークレット同盟 / Shiikuretto Doumei

Synopsis: Shian is a young woman with boyish looks, which often attracts attention from other women who find her more attractive than the average man. However, she struggles with two major issues – an extreme fear of men and her mother’s excessive meddling in her life. One day, Shian meets Ritsuko, a beautiful college junior who seems kind-hearted but is actually an obsessive stalker with feelings for Shian. While working part-time at a women’s cafe, Shian meets the head chef, Hasumi Yuushin, who is a man but doesn’t trigger her fear like other men do. However, beneath Hasumi’s charming exterior lies a playboy. Desperate to overcome her fear, Shian turns to Hasumi for help. He agrees to help her on one condition – that she let him mediate between her and Ritsuko. Together, Shian and Hasumi form a “secret alliance” to navigate their complicated relationships. Will they be able to overcome their



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