Secret Crush On You (2022)

Secret Crush On You (2022)

Other name: แอบหลงรัก / Stalker the Series

Synopsis: A nerdy young man secretly falls in love with a third-year senior. Despite his dream seeming out of reach, he can only observe from afar. His friends tease him for his infatuation, with some even questioning his sexuality. But Toh sees himself as a novice stalker, unable to act on his feelings. However, everything changes when a lucky chance arises for Toh to finally reveal his love to Neua. The unexpected opportunity causes chaos for Toh and his friends. With his heart torn between secrecy and boldness, will Toh be able to seize the chance and express his love? Or will he ultimately fail in his attempt? The story follows a beginner stalker’s journey in navigating his feelings for his crush.



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