Save Me 2 (2019)

Save Me 2 (2019)

Other name: Rescue Me 2

Synopsis: In a rural village facing the threat of being flooded for a new dam construction, the residents turn to church elder Choi Gyung Seok for guidance. He promises to relocate them and build a new church and housing development for them to live in after the town is submerged. However, Choi also claims that only 144,000 people will be able to go to heaven and that church offerings are mandatory for securing a spot. Even the town’s Reverend Sung, known for his healing abilities, supports Choi’s plans. Unknown to the villagers, Choi is a con artist using a fake religion to scam them out of their resettlement compensation. The only person who stands in his way is Kim MinChul, a skeptical outcast who uncovers evidence of Choi’s deceit and becomes the resistance against the church’s corrupt institution.



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