Samurai Detective Onihei: Lawless Love (2024)

Samurai Detective Onihei: Lawless Love (2024)

Other name: Onihei Hankachō: Honjo Sakura-Yashiki

Synopsis: While patrolling the Honjo area, Heizo Hasegawa encounters his old dojo companion and close friend, Samanosuke Kishii, as well as Hikoju of Sagami, a ruffian from Honjo. Samanosuke informs Heizo that the daughter they once admired, Ofusa, has been divorced and is now married into the household of the villainous lord, Jubei Matsuoka. When Hikoju investigates the circumstances surrounding this lord, it becomes clear that there are connections to the mentor of Heizo and Samanosuke from their youth, as well as revelations of wrongdoing.



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