Sacchan, Boku wa. (2024)

Sacchan, Boku wa. (2024)

Other name: さっちゃん、僕は。

Synopsis: Katagiri Kyosuke, who moved to Tokyo from the countryside to attend university, is in a long-distance relationship with “Sacchan.” However, by chance, he ends up having a physical relationship with the married woman who lives near to his apartment. Thus begins a story surrounding an immoral love triangle… Kyosuke, who doesn’t understand love, must choose between a girlfriend from his hometown or a married woman in the city. What is the fate of this destructive love affair?
(Source: Drama-Otaku)
Adapted from the manga series “Dear Sa-chan” (さっちゃん、僕は。) by Asaga Iori (朝賀庵).
Episodes: 10
Duration: 30 min.
Airs On: Tuesday



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