Rose Mansion (2022)

Rose Mansion (2022)

Other name: 장미맨션 / 더 맨션 / Deo Maensyeon / Jangmi Mansion / The Mansion

Synopsis: “Disappearances” is a drama set in an apartment undergoing reconstruction, following the search for a missing sister. When hotel employee Ji Na’s older sister Ji Hyun goes missing, she returns to her family’s home, the Rose Mansion, and uncovers dark secrets hidden by her suspicious neighbors. With a deep sense of inferiority, Ji Na enlists the help of the determined and secretive detective Min Soo, who is the only one who believes her story. As they work together to unravel the truth behind Ji Hyun’s disappearance, they also discover Min Soo’s own hidden darkness. Directed by Yoon Hong Seung, “Disappearances” delivers intense suspense and realistic fear as the characters confront their own secrets and the greed hiding beneath ordinary appearances.



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