Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim 2

Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim 2

Other name: 낭만닥터 김사부2 / Nangmandakteo Kimsaboo 2 / Romantic Doctor Kim 2 / Dr. Romantic 2 / Doctor Romantic 2

Synopsis: “Romantic Doctor Kim” is a drama centered around the lives of medical professionals at Dol Dam Hospital, a modest facility. The story revolves around the encounter with Dr. Kim Sa Bu, a brilliant and unconventional doctor, who introduces the characters to a different kind of love. Cha Eun Jae, a dedicated second year fellow in the cardiosurgery department, is a top student who meets Teacher Kim and experiences a new kind of romance. Seo Woo Jin, also a second year fellow, is skeptical of love due to his difficult upbringing, but excels in surgery with his focused and skilled approach.



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