Road to Rebirth (2021)

Other name: 爱在星空下 / Ai Zai Xing Kong Xia / Romance With the Star

Synopsis: A story between celebrity and a neighborhood girl who becomes his manager.
Because of her cousin, Sun Xia Ai is swayed into accepting the job to become a personal maid for hotshot celebrity Su Xing. After spending day after day together, Sun Xiao Ai discovers a side of Su Xing that nobody knows – he helps children with their schooling, reaches out to sick fans and would rather take a hit in his own reputation in order to protect his younger sister. Sun Xiao Ai finds herself falling for Su Xing and chooses to stay by his side even as his star has fallen out of the limelight. Together, Su Xing and his new manager Xiao Ai decide to make a comeback in the industry.
Director: Chen Chang [陈畅]



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