Revenge (2022)

Revenge (2022)

Other name: พิษรักรอยอดีต ; Phit Rak Roi Adeet ; Revenge from the Past

Synopsis: Phing, a kind and chubby young woman, met an unfortunate end when her supposed friends, Foei and Nisa, conspired to use Foei’s charms to marry her and gain access to her wealth. However, Phing miraculously returns from the dead and transforms into a beautiful and slim woman, determined to seek revenge. Meanwhile, Cho, the gentle son of a noodle shop owner, secretly harbors feelings for Phing but never had the courage to confess to her before her death. Unable to move on from his unspoken love, Cho vows to seize any future chance at love and not repeat his past mistake. This is where May enters the picture.



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