Poot Mae Nam Khong (2022)

Poot Mae Nam Khong (2022)

Other name: ภูตแม่น้ำโขง / Poot Mae Num Kong / Phut Mae Nam Khong / Ghost of the Mekong River / Spirits of the Mekong River

Synopsis: “Dr Akkanee and his team embark on a research trip to a traditional and superstitious village, aiming to disprove its belief in the paranormal. In the village, he falls for Buapun, a girl he has been dreaming about. The villagers believe the nearby Mekong River is home to spirits and deities, which is proven true when the vengeful spirit of a princess, who was once betrothed to Dr Akkanee, is awakened. In a past life, Dr Akkanee had agreed to become a monk, causing the princess to postpone their wedding. However, she later catches him with her sister and curses them both in a fit of rage. As a result, she transforms into a vicious spirit that haunts the village. In the present, Buapun unknowingly consumes an egg from the river, becoming possessed by the princess. Upon her return, the evil spirit begins killing young girls in the village to sustain her power. Only the



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