Ploy’s Yearbook (2024)

Ploy’s Yearbook (2024)

Other name: หนังสือรุ่นพลอย / Nangsue Run Ploy / Ежегодник Плой

Synopsis: “Ploy’s Yearbook” is a drama that follows the love stories of five girls, all named Ploy. Despite sharing the same name and classroom, they each have distinct personalities. The story transports viewers back to a time of flared skirts and shorts, filled with dreams and the unbreakable bond of friends. However, as fate would have it, they cross paths again fifteen years later. As they reunite, they realize that although many things may have changed, their hearts remain the same. This drama is adapted from the novels “The Only Regret” by Nenechan, “Moving around You” by Bhapimol, “Secretly Love” by Tinya, “Busy February” by Baison, and “Faded Memory” by Maysarinn. With ten episodes, the drama airs every Monday and Tuesday.



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  1. Come on, no one has changed their mobile number for 18 years OK, although it’s strange, come on, they look the same after 18 years, it’s an OK series, but Thap had a tattoo on his leg in elementary school (he didn’t lift his sock well so it wouldn’t be seen) so it’s funny

  2. This show looks cute. I saw the trailer at the end of Beauty Newbie. I hope It’s good. The only actor I know is Joong Archen Aydin.