Pee Nak 3 (2022)

Pee Nak 3 (2022)

Other name: พี่นาค 3 / Pee Nak Season 3 / Pee Nak S3 / Пи Нак 3

Synopsis: “Peace Aod, a young gravedigger at Thamma Nakanimitr Temple, discovers a valuable ancient gold anklet in a grave dating back to World War II. Despite warnings, he keeps the anklet for himself and is cursed with snake scales covering his skin. The powerful curse causes him intense pain and fever, and awakens the vengeful spirit of Nak Kam, the first victim of the curse who wants his anklet back. Aod, along with his friends Nott, Balloon, First, Toh Min Jun, and BamBam, embark on a journey to the Northeastern region of Thailand and the Mekong River to find a legendary forest monastery that may hold the cure to the curse. Racing against time before Aod’s demise, they must also evade the wrath of Nak Kam, who relentlessly pursues them. Directed by Mike Phontharis Chotkijsadarsopon, this drama runs for 1 hour and 51



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