Our Days (2022)

Our Days (2022)

Other name: Our Days รักได้ไหมนายไม่ยิ้ม / Our Days, Can I Love You Mr. No Smile?

Synopsis: Mon, a young man hailing from rural Thailand, moves to Bangkok to pursue his studies at university. On his first day in the bustling city, he meets Sow, a local musician who offers to show him around. However, after a drunken night, Sow kisses Mon, leaving him confused. Mon quickly discovers that Sow is also a freshman in his faculty. When Sow learns of Mon’s love for basketball, he decides to join the same team as him. During a match, Mon sustains an injury and Sow steps in to take care of him. Saint, Mon’s former high school teammate, also confesses his love for him. As Mon struggles to choose between Sow and Saint, the question remains which team will he ultimately choose?



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