One and Only (2021)

One and Only (2021)

Other name: 周生如故 / 长安如故 / 长安如故杀青 / Chang An Ru Gu / Love Your Bones Forever / Forever and Ever 2 / Chang An Memories / Chang’an Memories / The Memories

Synopsis: Zhou Sheng Chen, a skilled general and loyal son of Prince Nan Chen, forms a strong bond with Cui Shi Yi, the appointed Crown Princess since birth, when she stays at his family’s manor to learn new skills. Their friendship deepens as Cui Shi Yi admires Zhou Sheng Chen’s lofty ambitions and honorable character, eventually developing feelings for him. However, their duties prevent their relationship from progressing. As the borders face a new threat, Zhou Sheng Chen must lead the army into battle while Cui Shi Yi is forced to marry the Crown Prince. Tragically, Zhou Sheng Chen is injured in battle just as their love is at its peak. This is the story of “One Life, One Incarnation – Beautiful Bones” by Mo Bao Fei Bao, where two individuals must navigate their love amidst their responsibilities to their country and family.



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