Oh My Baby (2020)

Oh My Baby (2020)

Other name: 오 마이 베이비 / O Mai Beibi / O Mai Baeibi / O My Baby

Synopsis: Jang Ha Ri, a 39-year-old workaholic, has put her career above all else and has not had a boyfriend in the past decade. Despite her determination to forget about love, working at a parenting magazine constantly reminds her of her desire to have a baby. Deciding to pursue motherhood, she plans to skip marriage and become a single parent. However, she is surprised to find herself surrounded by admirers: a freelance photographer, a pediatrician, and a new colleague. Can any of these potential love interests help Jang Ha Ri achieve her dream of becoming a mother? And could this quest ultimately lead her to true love? Directed by Nam Ki Hoon.



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