Not Me (2021)

Not Me (2021)

Other name: เขา…ไม่ใช่ผม / Khao… Mai Chai Pom / He… Is Not Me

Synopsis: “Black and White are twins who share an unbreakable bond. However, after their parents’ divorce, White’s father takes him away from their home in Thailand, effectively splitting the family apart. Fifteen years later, White returns to Thailand as a grown man.

Unexpectedly, White experiences excruciating pain and ends up in the hospital. Despite medical efforts, the cause remains unknown. Soon after, White receives a call from his childhood friend Tod, who informs him that Black is in a coma after a vicious attack. White discovers that his brother is involved in a motorcycle gang and suspects that one of his close friends, Sean, Gram, or Yok, may have betrayed him.

Determined to find the culprit and seek justice for his brother, White decides to disguise himself as Black and infiltrate the gang. However, as he spends time with Black’s friends, White realizes that he doesn’t know his brother as well as he thought. Sean, in particular, becomes suspicious of White



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