Nobody Knows (2020)

Nobody Knows (2020)

Other name: 아무도 모른다 / Amudo Moleunda / Amoodo Moreunda / No One Knows

Synopsis: Detective Young Jin, a member of the regional investigation unit, is determined to catch the notorious ‘Stigmata’ serial killer who took the life of her friend 19 years ago. She leads a solitary life with no friends, living alone. However, her neighbor’s son, Eun Ho, has formed an unlikely bond with her and often helps her with household chores. One day, Eun Ho opens a door he was forbidden to enter, leading to a shocking discovery. Sun Woo, Eun Ho’s homeroom teacher and the brother-in-law of the former chairman, notices something off about Eun Ho’s behavior. The drama is directed by Lee Jeong Heum.



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