Night Has Come (2023)

Night Has Come (2023)

Other name: 밤이 되었습니다 / Bami Doeeossseumnida / It’s Night / Night Has Fallen / Ночь пришла

Synopsis: A mystery teen drama that takes place when a class of second-year high school students is suddenly forced to play mafia games in real life during their retreat. The drama will draw out the intense psychological warfare between the students as they go into survival mode.
Students in the 2nd grade 3 class at Yooil High School go on a field trip. There they are forced to participate in a mafia game of death, and they struggle to survive. Lee Yoon Seo has excellent observation and reasoning abilities, which she uses to try to escape. Kim Jun Hee is the class president with a strong sense of justice and responsibility. Oh Jung Won ranks first at school academically, but she is an outcast and a loner. To survive, she must work with the other students.
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Episodes: 12



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    some are commenting that the ending was not so good, I mean how can you felt that. I have seen some (Mafia game) Japanese dramas like this and I thought only 1 would be able to leave or none but since the ending was different I like it so much!!!!!!!!!🔥🤧

  2. By far one of the worst ending I’ve seen in awhile… the plot of the series was great like the first 5-6 episodes had me stuck on the screen but it got progressively worse they started ignoring the rules and turned it into some rushed nonsense.. I mean seriously lol a whole classroom of kids go missing thou an no one says anything? That’s nonsense especially considering one of the students got away with murder lol so obviously some of the students have powerful parents… Don’t know what I expected from original TV show lol the actors were pretty dam good thou for a bunch of teen actors really felt the fear and despair from a lot of em

  3. This drama is good ( I won’t exaggerate and say EXTRA CRAZY GOOD). It’s just ok. If you like scary stuff but don’t like to watch extreme horror, this is recommended for you. It’s pretty tame with the jumpscares/scary plot. You just have to be able to witness blood and bodies and brutal deaths. Other than that, it’s pretty mysterious and nerve-racking in some scenes.

  4. hmm.. i’m not sure how this concept will pan out as a high school kdrama, but I really hope it’ll be an enjoyable watch. It would be a huge success if it turns out good.

  5. What a funny story. 😄
    Why is this allowed in schools. And are they not under 18, and should be under parental control. ✊🤺
    Now who is controlling the students parents 👨‍👩‍👦or school.🏫
    If parents are paying the fee it should be under their control ,
    how come non social elements are in this school. Where are the students union???