My School President (2022)

My School President (2022)

Other name: แฟนผมเป็นประธานนักเรียน / Faen Phom Pen Prathan Nakrian / Faen Pom Bpen Bpra Taan Nak Riian / My Boyfriend is the Student Body President / My Boyfriend is the School President

Synopsis: Tinn, the student body president, harbors a secret crush on Gun, the leader of the music club and frontman of the average band Chinzilla. As the son of the school principal, Tinn is tasked with cutting any clubs that do not enhance the school’s reputation. Unfortunately, the music club is at the top of the list, making Gun his number one adversary. Adding to the tension, the club’s newest member, Sound, is both skilled and attractive, forming a bond with Gun over their shared love of music. Desperate to save his club, Gun offers to serve Tinn, who seizes the opportunity. When Tinn discovers that Chinzilla has a strict rule against band members dating until they win the Hot Wave Music Contest, he is determined to help them achieve victory by any means necessary.



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