My Happy Ending (2023) Episode 14

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  1. That ain’t a safe house at all. Guarded by a bunch of useless police officers, easily trespassed, and zero CCTV cameras. Sounds more like a slaughterhouse! It’s ironic how all eyes are on Jaewon for being the mentally ill woman while we have someone sicker on the loose. A cuckoo paradox!

  2. My initial guess about KYJ killing SY was right.
    I think Yun Jae is in love with KYJ but in the end he will get disposed too….
    Why KYJ’s mom was never mentioned? Or did I miss that….

  3. What baffles me the most, why didn’t they give Baek Seung-Gyu an emergency button of some sort hidden behind his bed or a “help me button” necklace of some sort 🤦

  4. I know the husband did an incredibly stupid thing out of a mistaken desire for revenge, but I still feel sorry for him. I almost NEVER forgive cheaters as often they shift blame to their partners to justify their actions, but I think this is the rare time when I would have accepted a reconciliation for the couple. It was sad to watch him die.

    Both women are shattered by what has happened in their lives and both are being protected by their fathers. The difference is one has struggled inwardly while her nutter friend has opted to become a serial killer. I can’t even ask for a white truck for her-I want a whole cargo train😠