Moon in the Day (2023)

Moon in the Day (2023)

Other name: 낮에 뜨는 달 / 白晝之月 / Naje Tteuneun Dal / Daytime Moon / Moon Rising at Noon / Moonrise During the Day / The Moon that Rises in the Day / Дневная луна

Synopsis: Han Joon Oh is a leading South Korean celebrity. He is stunningly good-looking and tall, but is secretly plagued by an inferiority complex that leaves him permanently insecure. One day he is hired to appear in a public service video. But the shoot goes horribly wrong, and Han Joon Oh is involved in a potentially fatal car collision. He is only saved by the quick thinking of a female firefighter named Kang Young Hwa, who pulls off a heroic rescue.
Han Joon Oh’s representatives hire Kang Young Hwa to work as the star’s personal bodyguard, recognizing her incredible talents. But when Han Joon Oh awakes from his stupor in hospital, he has changed completely – as his body has now been possessed by the spirit of a nobleman from ancient Korea. This nobleman, named Do Ha, was killed by his beloved wife Han Ri Ta – and the vengeful spirit is on a single-minded quest for retribution…
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Adapted from the webtoon “The Moon that Rises in the Day” (낮에 뜨는 달) by Hye Yoom (헤윰).
Episodes: 14



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  1. Why this cheap fantasy trope about some medieval noble switching bodies…
    These dramas are generally a trap,meaning the ending will always be shitty, like him or her going back in time or dying or whatever the fok,don’t watch it if you like happy endings,wait till it’s finished,and read some spoilers on the last episode.
    I personally DON’T watch a drama,no matter how well the actors play if it’s not happy ending,and not just happy ending genre where they get togheter 5 minutes before the end,i like seeing ppl being happy and fluffy for at least a few episodes

  2. After reading the above description, I’m thinking don’t tell me that the FL looked like his wife who had killed him? 😂

  3. This is after watching the whole thing – not gonna lie, not something that catched my full attention. The back-and-forth-thing of past and present in (very) tiny bits of pieces at a time didn’t work for me. Also, there’s several instances showing FL and ML’s POV are but same scenes- what’s the point?

    Storyline 7.5/10
    Actress PYJ acting 10/10 – She’s on point. Very good acting!
    Actor JWI’s acting 10/10 – can’t really argue he’s a veteran.
    Kissing scenes are awkward. Kinda cringey lol.

    The ending makes sense.

  4. This is a very good drama. The chemistry between main leads is amazing and their performances are at point. Feels like a bit dragged from episode 10-12. But makes a good comeback in last 2 episodes.
    Would recommend watching this.
    I would give 8/10

  5. So fucking crazy. Male lead character is literally a killer of many innocent lives. Yet he is portrayed as innocent.the girl fall in love with her parents killer which is totally disgusting. Imagine loving the person that chopped your fathers head and executed your family in front of you. This is not love…love is something that is totally pure. I can’t finish this absurd , full of unjust drama

  6. Just Amazing ! Excellent actors ..great story ..marvellous!kisses from Athens Greece !

    사랑으로 🌹🌹🌹🌹 I’m learning Hangul cause I love your country 🇬🇷 ❤️ 🇰🇷

  7. Kim Do-ha , the last name I remember when I watch My lovely liar, the name of the leading man in my Lovely liar together with Kim So -hyun

  8. I’m sticking with this because of the ml otherwise I would’ve dropped it.
    😒The fl is just …ugh🤦🏻‍♂️

  9. Love the concept of the story line of a love hate fantasy rom com…with 3 episode’s dropped, it started off as almost unbearable to watch a ML with a cross between “Barbie” and “Mean Girls” attitude to life…then it picked up once possessed and Yeong Dae has that face to play both sides of that spectrum. Ye Jin role of a independent with a caring, yet tom-boyish look a life suits her well. The story is somewhat over used in CDramaland – as Kdrama has it way of telling storys that feeds viewers what they crave, through corny clichés, eye candy’s, cringe lines and use of real sets with a strong FX departments….this drama will be interesting to watch!….enjoy 🙂

  10. Psstt…. I’m watching this one too if you’re interested…. 😉

    I’m tagging you , but I think I remember you saying you weren’t a big fan of this genre…maybe it’ll let you tag some people it wouldn’t let me tag. :/

    I tried to tag some others, but it just won’t let me….this thing is so weird…

  11. alright i checked the webtoon and it made me drop the webtoon, in the webtoon the mc is straight up a highshool student and the female lead is 6 years older. that i didn’t really mind. but tf there was a love triangle between the male lead and his brother. and the mc was straight up creepy in the webtoon.

  12. man i can’t handle the wait, gonna just watch it on v”ki wasn’t planning to cuz of the number of ads but got no choice

  13. okay since i was too excited i decided to check out the webtoon, i think it goes out a different route.
    name is The Moon That Rises in the Day/
    Daytime Moon. A korean webtoon. and the school tag prolly refers to the webtoon since the male lead is in 11 th grade or smthing, in the webtoon

  14. haha this is epic, i saw the cover a few times thought it started airing, but i didn’t click on it thinking it was a c-drama.
    even tho the knife made me check it out. I checked it last week and was waiting since then.
    this is by far chapter 1 is very good.
    the fact that she miraculously kept surviving wasn’t because of her luck or dead father but was because of her past life husband and his desire of making her die by his hands.
    daamn that’s a solid story, hope it doesn’t rott later.

  15. Was going great until the possession part. The possession part is so unoriginal and boring to watch! Almost every drama has that freaking thrope. PASSssss

  16. i am hesitant about this one because i heard the manhwa ending is not good so i will wait and see if they change the ending in the drama

  17. I was really excited to watch this drama, one of my favorite webtoons, and I will definitely watch this drama for Kim YoungDae and Pyo YeJin ❤️😍

  18. How do you go from firefighter to personal bodyguard so quickly? Was she planning a change in career or is there money problem?

  19. First episode with sub is uploaded folks! First episode was amazing, much more polished acting from Kim Yeong-dae. Pyo Ye-jin is becoming a very strong actress day by day. I am impressed. I am hooked.

  20. I don’t know if it is the way the description is written, but the twist sounds terrible. The cast are great, so I hope it’s just the description.

  21. I’m still smitten by his looks and charms from The forbidden marriage 😶 I’m yet to recover and he’s back to kill me again? 🫣

  22. About the show: One of the most popular fantasy K-dramas releasing in November 2023, Moon in the Day is an adaptation of the webtoon The Moon that Rises in the Day by acclaimed Korean artist Hye Yoom

  23. Wow, what a plot. It has so many tropes: murder, betrayal, revenge, possession by spirit, a little bit of time travel (historical), strong female heroine, cold man but insecure inside. Interesting to see if there will also be a love triangle. Looks like its based on a manga. Has anybody read the manga, is the plot going to be super crazy?

    Nice to see the lovely Pyo Ye Jin take on the female lead. She is growing nicely as an actress. Did you know she was a flight attendant for 2 years before becoming an actress?

    Also looking forward to the cool Kim Yeong Dae as the ML, he looks pretty serious and brooding in the trailer.

  24. Scriptwriter’s been on some Chinese drama binge I see haha. Hopefully this translates well into the longform Kdrama format. Usually these types are 10 minute web shorties.

  25. Looks like it could be interesting if they don’t go overboard and try to make it too much of a braintwister. Theres a possibility for story drag..

  26. I read this at least 4 times, to try and get an understanding of the storyline. I finally got it….hopefully.

  27. A great story line, am looking forward to this, hope it will be one of the best and worth our admiration and waiting, can at least reach our expectations 😉👊👍

  28. I had to read the synopsis three times to finally understand who’s who and who’s becoming who lmaoo seems like a drama with lots of drama.. I’m here for it :3