Mongkut Karma (2022)

Mongkut Karma (2022)

Other name: มงกุฎกรรม / Karma’s Crown / Sin’s Crown / Sin’s Crown / Crown of Karma

Synopsis: Chan was forced into marriage with Tee, who owns a minibus business, in order to pay off her father’s gambling debt. Despite being in love with Ying, a factory worker, Chan stayed with Tee and they had five children together: Hong, Kla, Ma, and twin siblings Muay and Montri.
Ying, on the other hand, had the opportunity to move in with a general who is the father of Dao. He continued to keep in touch with Chan through letters and eventually graduated and became a Deputy district chief with the help of Dao’s father. He also married Chan and they have a daughter named Ning.
Tee eventually had an affair and left his family in poverty. He also physically assaulted Chan when he found out about her connection with Ying. In desperation, Chan took her children, except for Montri, and left Tee’s house. Meanwhile, Dao was also upset when she found out about her husband’s contact with his ex-girlfriend, Chan.
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