Miraculous 5 (2022)

Miraculous 5 (2022)

Other name: เสาร์ 5 / Sao 5 / Saturday 5 / Saturn 5

Synopsis: Five men, all born on Saturday the 5th, are adopted by Apichai and begin their journey towards immortality. Each possesses a unique power; Diew Somdetch can hear distant voices, Terd Yordthong can disappear by holding his breath, Dorn Thakradarn can traverse vast distances in meditation, Yord Nangpraya can pass through solid objects, and Kring Chorngkrakian is quick and able to transform into anyone.

Their mission is to track down the Jarga group who stole a dangerous disease bomb from a laboratory in Europe and hidden it in Thailand. With the assistance of Bussakorn, Apichai’s daughter and an expert on the subject, and Duangkamol, who goes undercover to investigate the case, the five men embark on their perilous mission.



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