Messo mo Nai (2024)

Messo mo Nai (2024)

Other name: 滅相も無い / Messou mo Nai

Synopsis: Seven mysterious holes suddenly appear in various locations throughout Japan. Despite multiple investigations, the true nature of the holes remains unknown. As time passes, the holes become a part of daily life for citizens. Some individuals even venture into the holes, but none ever return. However, a man named Ozawa emerges, proclaiming the holes as god-like entities. He believes salvation can be found within the holes and gathers eight followers at a resort facility. These followers must record their reasons for entering the hole, following Ozawa’s strict rules. Among the followers are Kawabata, Sugaya, Matsuoka, Aoyama, Watanabe, Shingo, Iguchi, and Okamoto.



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