Men in Love (2024)

Men in Love (2024)

Other name: 请和这样的我恋爱吧 / Qing He Zhe Yang De Wo Lian Ai Ba / Please Fall In Love With Me Like This / Влюбленные мужчины

Synopsis: The self-disciplined and diligent editor-in-chief of a magazine, Ye Han, helped the clumsy and lovely physical education teacher Li Xiaoxiao resolve embarrassing crises again and again by chance. Due to past experiences, it was difficult to take the step of love.
The enthusiastic and direct magazine publisher Xu Jiacheng met their former model sister Tong Yiwen. The two continued to seek balance in their pursuit of love and career.
The relationship between the four became complicated and full of challenges because of Xiaoxiao’s secret love for Jiacheng. With Xiaoxiao’s secret love and fragility, Xiaoxiao completely healed Ye Han’s emotional wounds, and Jiacheng and Yiwen passed the test and finally achieved a positive result.
Several other friends are also going through the tempering of life. The steady and down-to-earth lawyer Xu Yan has excellent professional ability, but he never dared to face the relationship with the young and energetic Xu Jialin. The romantic restaurant owner Lu Zheng and his wife Guo Shenglin has been married for many years, and in a seemingly beautiful marriage, there are also unknown troubles. After going through multiple tests of career and relationship, they finally gained their own happiness and deepened their bond with each other.
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  1. I watched to ep 7. I can 100% confirm that this is a Chinese remake of the 2012 kdrama A Gentleman’s Dignity (AGD), one of my fav kdramas of all time. The basic story and each of the main characters are modelled after the kdrama. For those who haven’t watched AGD, it is like a male korean version of the american series Sex and the City which focused on the sex life of 4 women living and working in New York City. In AGD, the 4 women were replaced with 4 ahjussi’s living and working in seoul, south korea.

    This cdrama version is exactly that: a CHINESE cultural version of AGD. By this I mean they have adapted the story to take into account the more conservative nature of chinese culture and have toned it down a LOT in order to meet china’s censorship laws and moral values. By doing this, I feel the cdrama version is not nearly as funny or charming as the original kdrama. In fact, I didn’t laugh once while watching the first 4 episodes. In the korean version, the 4 ahjussis were cool, sexy and funny. They were playboys and chased women. They were over 40 years old but sometimes they act like immature teenagers who compete with each other and do stupid things. In the chinese version, all the characters are down to earth, responsible adults and therefore they seem kind of boring. The chinese ML seems like a boyscout, while korean ML was always mischievous and a bit of a bad boy.

    But I wish to emphasize that this chinese version is not bad at all. I think the chinese producers tried very hard to (1) be faithful to the korean version and (2) try to adapt it to the chinese culture. For those who have watched the korean version you might be disappointed in this chinese version. For those who havent watched the korean version, you might like this chinese version.

  2. It’s like a copy of copy. There was a English film similar to this were it was made into some other language now some what same story here.

  3. It seem the idea of this drama was A GENTLEMANS DIGNITY from Kdrama which is in kdrama was hilarious funny and every charachters were naif and unrealistic childish despite their ages but its was really fun to watched ..but in this Man in Love seem they creating the charachter in diffrent vibe yet so dramaticly display ..there some scenes in AGentlemans dignity were adapt in this drama dress with untied yarn ..were in original scenes kdrama was funny and was iconic scenes that i like it so much ..if this remake of kdrama i dont think the story and the charachters are same ..this drama adapt only the idea of story yet they’re forces it into something dramaticly sad and again annoying charachters were everywhere rather make such funny scenes just likes in original
    ..cdrama just cant make comedy romcom yet they are always end up created another annoying charachter to make them look funniest

  4. Just binge watched ep 1-3. It’s a remake of the 2012 K-drama Gentlemans Dignity. I love it !

  5. “resolve embarrassing crises again and again by chance” – ugh, but I hate when the female lead is clumsy and pathetic in front of the male lead all the time

  6. This seems a copy of sorts of a K-drama called gentlemen society .. or similar. if not a copy, it’s all too heavily inspired…

  7. please with just as I am fall in love, ok? seems to be the usual rom com and seems to be about the love life of 4 guys who were high school friends, and as adults, are not too successful in careers. maybe needs more comedy. Acting not that great.

  8. DAMN HU YITIAN AND LIANG JIE. Both seem to act in super angsty dramas, I just hope they dont have uh… super unnecessary fallouts