Maoshan Heavenly Master (2022)

Maoshan Heavenly Master (2022)

Other name: 茅山天师 / 茅山天師 / Mao Shan Tian Shi / Божественный мастер Маошаня

Synopsis: “Zhang Daoling, a deity carrying his precious blade “Qinggang Sword”, is tasked with escorting Tianting to punish Chi Lianjun on Kunlun Mountain. However, he falls into a trap, leading to Chi Lianjun’s escape and Zhang Daoling’s expulsion from the division. Determined to protect the world’s peace, Zhang Daoling sets out to pursue Chi Lianjun’s life. Years later, he discovers that many mourners have been taken by black and white impermanence and never heard from again. Zhang Daoling suspects that Chi Lianjun and his followers are absorbing the primordial spirits of these missing persons. With an unwavering determination, Zhang Daoling begins to investigate the impermanence and their methods of capture.”



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