LTNS (2024)

LTNS (2024)

Other name: LTNS (Long Time No Sex) / Long Time No Sex / Давно без секса / لفترة طويلة لا جنس

Synopsis: The days of burning with sexual desire and lusting after each other’s bodies are long gone, and Woo-jin and Samuel have evolved into a somewhat withered couple, both physically and emotionally. By coincidence, they find themselves forming a blackmail team that specializes in exposing cheating couples, seeking an opportunity to turn their lives around.
Release dates: October 5, 2023 (Festival)
Episodes: 6
Duration: 45 min.
Content Rating: 18+ Restricted (violence & profanity)
Airs On: Friday



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  1. First episode was pretty good and then blah. It didn’t hold my interest. A 2 hour movie would be better for this story.

  2. Its like taxi driver but totally different and adult ver lol. It’s a refreshing concept(?). Haha I’m enjoying it tho. It’s a short series.
    It’s out on V I k I for US.

  3. Tbh, this is my most anticipated kdramas this month. I’ve searched for it, and the first two episodes already aired on TVING (korean OTT, which has no english sub), so I guess it will taking a longer time for this series to have subtitles as if it’d be translated manually (by fans)? Looking for answer.

  4. So happy to see Ahn Jae Hong in a comedy. Not extatic about Esom though, I always find the characters she plays to be the wet blanket type, so now I tend to think of her as one.

  5. What in the world. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH excited to see Ahn Jae Hong back in comedy. He’s such a good actor. I hope he gets more quality leading roles.

  6. Ahn jae hong is 1 of my favourite actors and I am so happy he is getting main lead roles now🤩🤩 hope this 1 will be a good one

  7. What in the corn is going on here 😭😭 those writers they always want to live they fantasy though characters 💀💀💀

  8. oooh the story sounds interesting but i hate the trend of 6-10 episode dramas. i dont want to emotionally invest in something thats going to be done in like 4 hours 🙄