Love Unexpected (2022)

Love Unexpected (2022)

Other name: 平行恋爱时差 / 平行戀愛時差 / Ping Xing Lian Ai Shi Cha / Our Parallel Love / Неожиданная любовь

Synopsis: Lu Fan Fan, a personal nutritionist for Liu Ruo Chen, has developed feelings for him over the years. However, when she finally confessed her love, she was rejected. As a result, she quits her job and moves into her own house. One day, while napping in the bathroom, she wakes up to find herself 12 years in the past. She meets a 20-year-old Liu Ruo Chen, the man she loves in the present. This drama is adapted from the novel Ping Xing Lian Ai Shi Cha by Su Yi Shan.



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