Lost You Forever Season 2 (2024) Episode 6

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  1. Xiangliu using the promise to stop the wedding was predictable, was hoping he had something else up his sleeve. Weird how the poisonous bugs didn’t react during their argument. Ugh, six eps in and he’s still physically harming her.

  2. New thought: she should get with each other guys for 50 years each- I forgot that she was some being other than human- she can have a few affairs… LIFE is long! – it just dawned on me when she was talk to the old lady who used to married to Skinny (that was her human family for years) until she found her old Bio family-

  3. I am sooo glad Feng Fang Bei took Xiao Liu away from Feng Long. 3 Men in this series are in love with her and she was about to marry the 1 guy who doesn’t love her?? What kind of sense does that make?? Could be just me but… I don’t think she is going to end up with any of them. It looks like a grim ending to me. Here’s to hoping that I am wrong.

  4. “Many years ago, all I wanted was to be with her. So I took advantage of her soft heart. Between Xiang Liu and me, I didn’t give her the chance to choose. But I failed to make her happy. Now I’m giving her the chance to choose. That’s what I owe her.

    Yes that is all I have to say, this episode has left me speechless. This is a typical example of love is not selfish 🫶🏾.

  5. At least Xiang liu came to take her away. What did tushan jing do?? just standing there coughing. Brooo get your girl, at least do something

    A shoutout to the king of Haoling, how he made those people shut up. He put his daughter above those gossips and so-called reputation. It’s great to see her father supporting her disregarding everyone’s opinion.

  6. Lord have mercy the way i was screaming at the monitor saying YES MR. BAI take her away!!!
    but then what does Mr. Bai do stay quiet and don’t confess wtf was that, how long does she have to suffer with these men, at this point i just want her to be alone because now they are all cowards. my pressure went up watching these last three episodes. As much as i want her to be with Nine headed aka Mr. Bai , aka xiang liu we all know that she will end up with Shaqi because the xiang liu will never confess and only wants her happiness so sad. Good luck to coward Shaqi cause the writers choice but i will always want her to be with Mr. Bai.. This is a good drama..

  7. this episode is pain after pain after pain. xiang liu and xiaoyao have gone through more break-ups than the number of times xiang liu has changed his clothes. they’re not even together. is it too much to ask for an episode where they’re officially together? i’ll take it even if it’s just a dream sequence. why couldn’t they choose each other for once? i’m really hurting for them. can xiang liu clone himself? four and a half heads per person should be more than enough. one will be the chenrong army commander, and the other will just be fangfeng bei, living a long, stable, and peaceful life with xiaoyao.

    still, xiang liu will always be favorite coward in love. i’ll be with you throughout your journey until your last moment. i will always cheer for you.

    edit: fangfeng bei doesn’t need three other heads. so 8-1 ratio should be fine since the other has such big responsibilities. i do think it’s a great deal where everyone wins.