Lost You Forever (2023)

Lost You Forever (2023)

In ancient times, when humans existed alongside deities and demons, three realms of Shennong, Xuanyuan, and Gaoxin coexisted. Jiu Yao from Gaoxin found herself lost and wandering in Dahuang, where she lost her identity and appearance and was renamed Wen Xiao Liu. Prince Qiang Xuan of Xuanyuan began his search for Xiao Liu and arrived in Qingshui Town. There, Xiao Liu saved Tushan Jing from danger and fell in love with him. After a series of events, Xiao Liu and Qiang Xuan were reunited and restored her identity. With her help, Qiang Xuan brought the whole world under his rule and retired from the rivers and lakes. He dedicated himself to making the world peaceful for his little boy to be able to live happily and healthily.



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