Live Your Own Life (2023)

Live Your Own Life (2023)

Lee Hyo Shim is a skilled fitness trainer at her local gym, but, despite her top physical form, she’s bent under the weight of providing for her family. After her father walked out, it had been up to her to support her mother and three brothers. While this task might have been noble when she was younger, after years of thanklessly slaving for her family, she’s ready to finally live for herself.
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  1. I am completely enjoying this drama🤣🤣🤣 My weekend dose of comedy. I watch it with no subtitles and watch it again when the subtitles are released. Its good to see Uee too. ❤❤❤

  2. For episode 32 – 34 needs english subtitle. If you want people to watch drama, please not repeats. I really enjoy see Uee, the young man who playing as her younger brother. Her boyfriend aunts men are beating the young man for no reason . I wish someone is paying attention concerning the Lee Hyo Shim little brother.

  3. I’m one of the rare few that adores this drama. Yes, the plots have so many holes and YES the mother is very toxic, but this hits home for me personally (as someone who grew up with two borderline personality and narcissistic parents AND codependent siblings). I want to hug Hyoshim, she is so much like me. I was enmeshed with my mother, too. Her oldest brother is very much like my twin sister. This has been such a healing drama for me. It is very accurate in terms of the psychological aspects of the abuse. I have completely cut them off with the help of my own Taeho. Live your own life, Hyoshim. I’m so damn proud of you. Enmeshment is a form of abuse that doesn’t get talked about enough. Many people do not understand it or criticize those involved asking why they don’t just leave. It’s such a psychological war filled with many layers and many people. I love this daily drama.

  4. this is the most frustrating drama I’ve ever watched, I just want to K*ll Hyo sim’s mom (character). so pathetic, so selfish, immature, stupid, out of this world…

  5. This drama is so f stupid. I am not going to continue watching this. Its just horrible. Please don’t waste your precious time watching this drama.
    I thought her life would get better, but she is just an idiot or maybe too f nice? Haha
    Parasite brothers. Her mother who doesn’t care about her daughter. Never grateful when she helps the family. Weak grandson omg

  6. Halmonis and Ajummas are great in acting in every kdrama. I just love their way of speaking. Sometimes, they r life of drama.

  7. What the hell the drama is not being updated according to the airing schedule. It should have 6 episodes instead of 5. Does anyone have any idea what is the wrong with the upload schedule,

  8. Here is the prediction from this bunny- FL’s father didn’t walked out on his family but got killed by someone in ML’s family or if ml’s parents are not alive then he must be witness/culprit in their deaths

  9. So glad there is a new 50 ep weekend drama. I just hope this is more clean and wholesome than The Real Has Come. I had such high hopes for it but had to drop it due to my personal preference for a wholesome-er story. Fingers crossed

  10. Aw,50 full episodes familly drama?i’m curious curious oh so curious if this one will escape the huge gravitational trope of parents opposing every choice the “kids” make,generally about who to marry or what their job or college should choose.
    10% of every familly drama content is about how leads and different side couples fall in love(usually hate-to-love trip)and the rest 90% is about “elders”complaining and bitching about literally everything.You throw in some unreasonable antagonists and make the leads(female lead in general)a doormat who suffers and struggles for 49 episodes to finally see (maybe)a wedding in the last episode.
    Omg i’m so excited of this new drama…😐

  11. ML in Wed Thru drama hes 2nd lead & weekend drama he’s watching him for 4 days..rooting for him as 2nd lead & rooting in weekend as main lead

  12. I hope she is totally independent strong FL. No more crazy k family drama. If they get crazy, time to let go on one’s own.