Lady Revenger Returns from the Fire (2024)

Lady Revenger Returns from the Fire (2024)

Other name: 披荆斩棘的大小姐 / 披荊斬棘的大小姐 / Pi Jing Zhan Ji De Da Xiao Jie / The Lady Who Beat The Thorns

Synopsis: After losing everything in a sudden disaster, Luo Ai Lian, the eldest daughter of the peaceful and wealthy Luo family, is forced into a life of hardship. Through her struggles, she eventually becomes the capable and skilled eldest daughter of the escort agency, Shen Dan Qing. Seeking revenge against those who wronged her, Shen Dan Qing catches the eye of General Xu, who is on the hunt for a lost treasure. As they navigate a dangerous game of wits and courage, they form an unexpected bond and go through a series of thrilling adventures. This drama, consisting of 24 episodes with a duration of 45 minutes each, airs daily from Monday to Sunday.



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  1. 24 episodes – 30 minutes/episode
    This drama may have a little spark but after I watched through 4 episodes it’s just an ordinary revenge drama with convincing body swaps even though the technique made me giggle a little but FL’s acting wants revenge to the point of sometimes forgetting where she is standing now is very convincing,
    Hopefully the ending doesn’t rush or stretch here and there and then become a bland storyline

  2. please don’t make the brother in love with a woman who shares his sisters face because that would be WEIRD