Kururi: Dare ga Watashi to Koi wo Shita? (2024)

Kururi: Dare ga Watashi to Koi wo Shita? (2024)

Other name: くるり〜誰が私と恋をした?〜 / くるり だれがわたしとこいをした / Who Fell In Love With Me? / С кем у меня была любовь?

Synopsis: Ogata Makoto, a 24-year-old woman, is withdrawn and tries to blend in both in her personal and professional life to avoid being disliked. However, after a sudden accident, she loses her memory. In her bag, she finds a male ring but is unable to recall who she intended to give it to. Three men show up, and surprisingly, the ring fits all of them perfectly. One claims to be her ex-lover, another her only male friend, and the third her destined partner. As they each reveal their own version of the truth, Ogata must navigate through their lies to uncover her true identity. This drama consists of 10 episodes, each 57 minutes long, and airs on Tuesdays.



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