Khem Sorn Plai (2022)

Khem Sorn Plai (2022)

Other name: เข็มซ่อนปลาย / Kem Son Plai

Synopsis: “Khem Sorn Plai” follows Cherd, a beautiful woman trapped in a loveless marriage with Dr. Ruengboon in an overseas country. Despite her unhappy life, Cherd finds herself falling for Lanna, a Thai student studying abroad. However, Dr. Ruengboon refuses to grant Cherd a divorce, leaving her bound to him against her will.
When Lanna returns to Thailand and marries Yaowayod, a woman chosen for him by his mother, he cannot forget Cherd and keeps her in his heart. Eventually, Dr. Ruengboon divorces Cherd and she too returns to Thailand to start anew. While many men pursue Cherd, she remains loyal to Lanna. Meanwhile, Lanna struggles with his desire to be with Cherd while also not wanting to leave his new wife.
Through the story of Cherd, Lanna, and Yaowayod, “Khem Sorn Plai” explores the complexities



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