Jukkakukan no Satsujin (2024)

Jukkakukan no Satsujin (2024)

Other name: 十角館の殺人 / The Decagon House Murders

Synopsis: After the mysterious death of architect and owner Nakamura Seiji in the Decagonal Building, a group of seven men and women from a university mystery research group visit the uninhabited Tsunojima Island for a training camp. Former club member Kawaminami Takaaki receives a letter from the supposedly dead Nakamura and teams up with Shimada Kiyoshi to uncover the truth. However, when one of the group members is found dead at the Decagon, the remaining members are thrown into confusion and suspicion. Stranded on the isolated island for a week, they must unravel the connection between the two murders. Adapted from the novel “The Decagon House Murders” by Ayatsuji Yukito, this drama consists of 5 episodes and airs on Fridays.



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