JK to Roppozensho (2024)

JK to Roppozensho (2024)

Other name: JKと六法全書 / JK to Roppouzensho

Synopsis: Sakuragi Miyabi, a high school student residing in Aomori, receives specialized law education from her grandfather who is a lawyer. She becomes the youngest person to pass the bar exam on her first attempt. As a result, she is sent to her grandmother in Tokyo, who works as a law office director. Miyabi starts as an apprentice lawyer at her grandmother’s office, but clashes with senior lawyers due to her teenage mindset. She also enrolls in a new high school in Tokyo, keeping her lawyer job a secret. However, she eventually starts providing legal counseling at her school. This drama, with 10 episodes of 60 minutes each, airs every Friday.



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