Jazz for Two (2024)

Jazz for Two (2024)

Other name: 재즈처럼 / Jaejeucheoreom / Like Jazz

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“Jazz for Two” is an 8-episode drama that follows the story of Han Tae Yi, a young man who has lost his passion for life following the death of his talented older brother. His world is turned upside down when transfer student Yoon Se Heon enters his school, playing jazz that reminds Tae Yi of his brother and getting on his nerves. Se Heon is also suspicious of Tae Yi’s friendship with Seo Do Yoon. Despite their initial tension, they are assigned to the same group for a joint performance evaluation. As they practice together, they develop complex emotions for each other. However, their relationship is tested when a senior student, Song Joo Ha, returns to school and causes tension between Tae Yi and Se Heon. Based on the webtoon “Jazz for Two” by Keul Ra Jyu, this drama follows the journey of two young men as they navigate their love for jazz and each other.



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  1. It has finally started! The third bl I can look forward to weekly, after “Unknown” and “Love is better the second time around”. Oh! And “Deep night” too (but tentatively, you never know when it’ll go wrong).
    I’ve dropped or not started all the others.

  2. Well, at least they’ve got musical performers cast as said characters. What drive me bonkers is when they cast someone who isn’t a singer or musician when the character is. Then again I’ve seen numerous times where they cast an idol in a show with music theme and they don’t bother doing anything with it.

    I’m not familiar with this particular story but the premise does sound intriguing.

  3. They better do right by this series. Literally one of my favourite manga and among the best out there. But 8 eps only I fear — they will mess it up for sure. This manga got too much deep and emotional stuff that won’t fit into 8 eps.

    The author shouldn’t have agreed to a mere 8 eps of his work. Crazy!!