Iyashi no Otonari-san ni wa Himitsu ga aru (2023)

Iyashi no Otonari-san ni wa Himitsu ga aru (2023)

Yomogida Fujiko is a hardworking office worker with an academic complex. She is much admired for her dedication at work, and is promoted to full-time employee at an insurance company. When Nishina Soma, an elite company employee, moves into the room next door, Fujiko is surprised by his polite and gentlemanly manner. She is also soothed by the time she spends with him. However, there is a mysterious story behind Nishina’s move into the shabby apartment, and why he is so kind to Fujiko. As the two of them become closer, Fujiko discovers the truth about her kind and enigmatic neighbor.



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