I Saw You in My Dream (2024)

I Saw You in My Dream (2024)

Other name: เธอ ฉัน ฝัน เรา / คุณในฝัน / Khun Nai Fan / Thoe Chan Fan Rao / You, Me, Dreams and Us / You, Me, Dreams, Us

Synopsis: Ai has always had prophetic dreams on the last night of the sixth and twelfth month. However, he has never dreamt of love. That is until the last night of the year, when he dreams of a warm and loving relationship. But he can’t believe that the man in his dream could be P’Yu, his neighbor who always drives him crazy and is the complete opposite of his dream partner. “I Saw You in My Dream” is a 10-episode drama based on the novel “คุณในฝัน” by Afterday. It airs every Wednesday.



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