Hip Hop King – Nassna Street

Hip Hop King – Nassna Street

Other name: 힙합왕-나스나길 / Hip Hop King

Synopsis: “Centred around the world of hip hop, this coming-of-age drama follows 18-year-old Baek, a high school student in Daegu who dreams of becoming a successful rapper. Despite living with his impoverished grandmother, Baek remains determined and moves to Seoul to pursue his passion. In a new city, he enrolls at Doobak High School and meets fellow student Ha Jin, who shares his love for hip hop and harbors a secret. As their relationship blossoms, they also cross paths with Tae Hwang, a wealthy rapper, and Ki Ha, who aspires to find a girlfriend. As their lives intertwine, tensions arise and challenges must be faced in the competitive and ever-changing world of hip hop.”



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