Guess Who I Am (2024)

Guess Who I Am (2024)

Other name: 猜猜我是谁 / 猜猜我是誰 / 拜託!請別和我做朋友 / 拜托!请别和我做朋友 / Bai Tuo! Qing Bie He Wo Zuo Peng You / Cai Cai Wo Shi Shei / Please! Please Don’t Be Friend with Me / Guess Who Am I / Guess Love

Synopsis: Song Yao, known for her ability to bring justice to wealthy scumbags, comes face to face with a mysterious figure claiming to be the CEO of Chengtian Group. Despite her enchanting eyes and powerful persuasion, Song Yao finds herself at odds with the imposter, known as Qin Hao. With 24 episodes of intense drama, follow the clash between these two charismatic individuals in their battle for truth and justice.



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  1. try guessing who I am (novel hao, please do not be friends with me) is romance suspense drama. Main guy’s name is hao. Both main guy and main gal have their own teams of private agents who work on missions for clients.

  2. Wow the trailer got me hooked 😍

    Edit: Warning(spoiler): story within a story trope, if ya don’t like it like me you can skip to 11:12 min on eps 1 and not ruin your immersion. Though I don’t guarantee they won’t show more of that later down the road.