Graceful Friends (2020)

Graceful Friends (2020)

Other name: 우아한 친구들 / 優雅な友達 / 優雅的朋友們 / Uahan Chingudeul / Wooahan Chingoodeul / Elegant Friends / أصدقاء أنيقون

Synopsis: Aging and content middle-aged man Ahn Goong Chul seemingly has it all – a fulfilling career, a happy family life, and a close circle of friends from his college days. However, his world is turned upside down when a shocking incident occurs, leaving a local golf coach dead. Goong Chul, along with his wife Jung Hae and their friends and spouses, are all potential suspects in the murder investigation. As the truth unfolds, the once strong trust between Goong Chul and his wife begins to crumble, causing strain in their relationship. To make matters worse, this case bears eerie similarities to a murder investigation that Goong Chul and his friends were involved in twenty years ago. As buried secrets resurface, Goong Chul is faced with the daunting task of protecting himself and his family while trying to hold on to what is most important to him.



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