Game of Outlaws (2021)

Game of Outlaws (2021)

Other name: เกมล่าทรชน / Game Lag Torrachon / Game Lah Torrachon / Game Hunting the Villain / Wicked

Synopsis: Step-siblings Jenny and Lalisa were both born on the same day. Their father, a police officer, passed away while on duty. Lalisa’s mother treated Jenny as her own child, and the three siblings formed a strong bond. As they grew up, both Lalisa and Jenny joined the Special Investigation Centre (SIC) special training unit and were placed under the guidance of Inspector Non, a well-respected and admired figure in the Royal Thai Police.

However, after the tragic death of Non’s assistant Darin during a chase with drug dealers, Non becomes disheartened and resigns from the police force. Despite this, Commander Kajorn believes in Non’s abilities and encourages him to continue working. With the approval of Captain Kajorn, who saw the potential in Jenny, she is sent to be Non’s new assistant. This causes Lalisa to feel threatened and she teams up with Captain Phongsathorn, Non’s rival, in an attempt to take away Jenny



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