Game no Na wa Yukai (2024)

Game no Na wa Yukai (2024)

Other name: ゲームの名は誘拐 / ゲームのなはゆうかい / Geemu no Na wa Yuukai / The Name of the Game Is a Kidnapping

Synopsis: “Sakuma Shunsuke, a planner for an advertising agency, is known for his charm and success with women. However, his pride is wounded when he is suddenly excluded from a major project by the car company’s vice president, Katsuragi Katsutoshi. Seeking revenge, Shunsuke teams up with Katsutoshi’s daughter, Juri, who also holds a grudge against her father. Together, they participate in a kidnapping game, all while dealing with their personal and professional lives as if it were just a game. Based on the novel “The Name of the Game Is a Kidnapping” by Higashino Keigo, this drama consists of 4 episodes lasting 60 minutes each and airs on Sundays.”



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